Conflict Perspective

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It is not easy to know how to support our children through challenging moments — but luckily we have a lot of practice… daily. Our children demand attention, melt down at dinnertime and fight with siblings and peers. Little ones … Continue reading


Socialization in early childhood

Children are on a path of socialization — learning how to be a member of community. This is a life-long process of integrating the customs, values and rules of their society but it is most intense and crucial during early … Continue reading


Conflict Resolution

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Sarah plays with a toy ferry boat and cars for a while.  She changes her focus and begins to look at a book.  Jeff comes over and picks up one of the cars.  He drives it around and into the … Continue reading


Losing control

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I was recently a part of an on-line conversation about the challenges of being a parent.  It reminded me of a discussion I had with another mother last summer about how to respond to conflict with your preschool child.  I … Continue reading