Carrying our light through autumn and winter

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High and blue the sky trees are very tall Wild geese flying seem so small See on silent wing in flocks they go Never parting from the single row We go through the land, like the wild geese band Brothers … Continue reading

Holy Nights of Parenting

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There are many different paths to enlightenment.  Many different teachers.  But for me, at this time, the greatest one is parenting and my greatest teachers are my three children. Holy Nights of Parenting.  The exhaustion, frustration, and then complete letting … Continue reading


Falling into rhythm

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Summer often has this laid back, endless feel to it.  Days on the beach.  Potlucks.  Guests visiting from out of town.  Grilling out.  Homemade icecream.  Naptimes linger.  Bedtime creeps later and later.  Days stretch on when we spend very little … Continue reading